Claudia is a feminist and a diversity ambassador in the corporate context. 

In 2018, she founded the Proud@Porsche LGBTIQ community. In 2019, she initiated the collaboration of LGBTIQ networks in Baden-Württemberg, resulting in the "0711LiebtBunt" network alliance. This alliance helps organizations, associations and individuals to connected and to collaborate more effectively and as well as to support each other.

Claudia was recognized in 2022 by as one of "40 over 40 - Germany's Most Inspiring Women 2022." In 2021, she was part of the W&V-Ranking: "Die 100 Köpfe 2021" (The 100 Minds 2021). She has also been featured multiple times in the list of top LGBT+ voices, compiled annually by the Prout at Work Foundation.

As an ambassador, speaker and author, she raises awareness for diversity through articles, podcasts, and editorial contributions on various platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium.  

In her main profession, Claudia works as a Senior Manager in a consulting company.

"When Sahar first shared her new project with me, I struggled to envision how the product could thrive in such a fiercely competitive market. What truly impressed me, and continues to do so, is their unwavering commitment to their core values. Alex and Sahar are determined to leave a positive mark on the world. Their vision propels them forward, and I firmly believe that with their boundless energy, they have the potential to accomplish anything."